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In the digital age of today, web development is a crucial livelihood, for both organizations as well as individuals. Also, it can sometimes get confusing with the number of languages available out there which makes it even hard to pick the right one. Needless to say that’s why we’ve prepared a guide on top 5 popular programming languages for web development to help you to decide which one is the best.

Also in our list is JavaScript, an advanced language that is very famous for creating beautiful and interactive websites. Its popularity since it is preferred by developers who made a strong community. Then there is Python, the language that everyone talks about because of its overwhelming simplicity and readability. With the help of its huge libraries and frameworks, Python can be utilized for web application development of huge scale and size.

On the third side, there is Ruby the language which is famous for being the most beautiful structure and has the most user-friendly features. Along with its powerful framework, the Ruby on Rails is definitely among the most widely used by web developers for the quick development of websites. The next in line is PHP, a server-side scripting language that is the backbone of most sites built using WordPress and Facebook. While Java might be the last one mentioned it is no less important. It is a language that leads in building advanced web platforms.

From a fresh learner to an advanced developer who wants to get into the new horizons of knowledge, the five top programming languages for web developing should always be on your list.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Programming Language

Before we come to the part where we have the most popular programming languages for web development, we need to know the criterias you should follow to determine the programming language to choose. Along this line, studying about these aspects will aid you in making that choice as to which language will fit in well with your project specifications and you.

For a beginning, make sure you define a mission of the website. Are you creating a blog with content that is not too complicated or a complex e-commerce website with multiple functions? Any programming language is excellent in its own way, thus it is important to pick a language which best matches your projects particular demands.

In addition to that, consider the knowledge building process. If you are in your early stages of learning, you should start with language that is easy for beginners and has the community of like-minded people. On the contrary, in the case of being a skilled developer, go through a process where you can master the languages that contain more sophisticated features.

It should be mentioned, though, that libraries and frameworks come as a necessary condition too. They encompass tools such as frameworks, packages, and libraries which can substantially reduce the development time and provide you with solutions for common activities. Use of a language that already has a long history of successful library and framework development will help you avoid reinventing the bicycle.

Now, we will proceed to the top 5 of the most appropriate programming languages for web development.


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the basic frame that supports any web page. It is things that holds a website’s information and structure. Nevertheless, let us call it as it is; it is not the true programming language to become a web developer.

Then HTML is created through using tags that help to design elements like headings, paragraphs, pictures, and links. It’s an easy to learn language which facilitates creating a solid basis for every web development project.

2. CSS

CSS, an acronym for Cascading Style Sheets, is a programming language that is mainly designed for managing the visual appearance of web pages. Although, this language is not quite same as the programming language, it is a part of web development nonetheless. One of the most crucial advantages is that it allows developers to manage website layout, colors, fonts, and other visual aspects on website which makes it aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

One of the major benefits of CSS is its straightforwardness and ease of exploitation. This language provides a lot of styling capabilities, including selectors, properties and values, which offer a webpage developer opportunity to customize the webpage as desired. Furthermore, CSS has been optimized such that it works well with all advanced web browsers and this gives the user the same experience on different platforms.

In summary, CSS is a must-have skill in web development because it lays the foundation for creating websites that not only look appealing but also scale well for different device sizes. It is a must-do for anybody who is planning to study web development.

3. JavaScript

Through the JavaScript language, developers can craft innovative websites with a responsive and engaging look and feel. An abundantly used programming language that boasts a very supportive network of developers. JavaScript feature in developing programmers whereby they can have some feature in web pages in order to improve the users’ experience.

Another great advantage of JavaScript because of its capability to manipulate HTML and CSS properties brings lots of dynamics and life to a webpage. JavaScript embeds icons into designers with whom they create interactive sites, handle user events like clicks or scans, and fill webpages with dynamic content. This reinforcement is what makes JavaScript the powerful tool that it is for building the user friendly and dynamic websites of today.

Likewise, JS is also recognized by all commonly used browsers, thus is considered compatible across the platforms. Moreover, it provides an extensive technical infrastructure, consisting of libraries and frameworks, such as React and Angular, which greatly facilitate application development and allow developers to deliver applications of a high complexity more easily.

To finish off, JavaScript is a power tool a programmer has to know, thanks to its flexibility and being greasily adopted. Learning JavaScript gives you access to tool that will open the world of the web with rich engaging properties.

4. Python

Python is well appreciated for its simplicity and readability that position the language as a preferable one for a beginner. Regardless of its superficial nature, Python is a very useful language that is used by many web applications. It offers various libraries and architectural frameworks that makes task of creating web applications much easier.

The convenience of Python is one of the main things that make it advantageous. The syntax of Python is intuitive and also simple to understand, which make it a favorite among most of the developers. Besides, Python is a language with a huge supportive community; therefore, there are many sources as well as the documentation for the starters.

Python with its vast libraries and frameworks like Django and Flask offers developers a wide range of resources they need to develop faster and stable web apps. Through these ‘frameworks’ you can have features that include data base integration, URL routing and session management which makes the process of web development much faster and efficient.

To sum up python is an exemplary option for a web developer as it is easy to master, simple to read and powered with awesome libraries and frameworks. Python is not only suitable for you if you are a beginner and mastered it by the time you become an experienced developer, but it also provides a very suitable balance between ease of use and functionality.

5. Ruby

Ruby, a language with clean and easy for developers to use syntax, has been praised by many programmers. It is frequently credited for its convenience, like that in Python. Ruby’s simplicity is one of its greatest strengths because it allows beginners and professional developers to work with the language and create amazing websites.

Referred to as a ‘framework’, Ruby on Rails is the most notable feature of Ruby. Ruby on Rails, also called Rails, is a web development framework that helps the developers to create web applications with higher speed and without losing the quality. Rails is based on the principle of the convention over configuration, which allows developers to concentrate more on writing the application codes than taking care of the framework configuration.

Ruby on Rails is a feature-rich web framework offering database integration, routing, and templating which make it an excellent out-of-the-box tool for developing websites quickly. Besides, Rails the library has a bustling community and a lot of resources that are readily available and this feature makes it easy to look for support whenever it is needed.

In conclusion, Ruby is a language which is simple in the way that it is used, elegant and comes with high-level web application frameworks like Ruby on Rails. It is good for development at the same time, and it is flexible enough to develop web-applications speedily.

Comparing the Top 5 Programming Languages

By this time, we have seen the 5 best programming languages for web development and now we side by side checking them based on different criteria.

In learning ease, however, the top positions are occupied by HTML and CSS. Both are languages utilizes straightforward syntax and are easy to get the hang of, hence, making them ideal for beginners. JavaScript, Python, and Ruby are much harder to learn than CSS, HTML, but they provide a wider range of advanced features.

In terms of the community support, JavaScript takes the crown. You will realize that along with the growing interest in the language and number of people who learn it, you will be assisted by the vast availability of web-resources, guides, and forums. However, Python and Ruby also have good and helpful communities whereas HTML and CSS, being the first step toward web development, well, have a lot of resources already.

Whether your application is about size and speed, Python and Ruby are the stars. Another common point is that they both offer scalability while each one has its own noteworthy frameworks such as Django and Ruby on Rails, which are used to develop large web applications. Scale is highly dependent on the browser and hardware for the comparison between JavaScript and HTML and CSS together are truly the pillars of the web for scalability and performance.


At the end, there is a lot of programming languages for web development which suit developers at any level of their skills. Either be a novice who is just starting out or an expert who wants to expand their skill set, these languages are the ones you should be learning.

Always remember that purpose of your website, learning curve, libraries and frameworks availability, and scalability should be in your mind when you are choosing a programming language. Language capabilities do vary, thus you have to assess the project features and your personal inclinations prior to choosing.

HTML/CSS create a foundation for web development and JavaScript/Python/Ruby provide more advanced features along with frameworks. Think over the pros of learning, social factor, and scalability when comparing these languages.

If you can choose the most appropriate programming language, you will be able to create stylish and functional websites that will fit any purpose of your project. Then, don’t wait anymore, dive into these top 5 programming languages, and set off on an amazing web development adventure with confidence.

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